Born in Springfield, IL, Kevin Kinner grew up in a small rural town called Farmingdale, IL. His wit, sense of timing, and personality have drawn him to the stage to make people laugh. The fact that he's not really good at anything else has also helped him out with that decision...

Kevin began his stand-up comedy quest in 2005. A couple of his friends were going to the local comedy club, and he decided, "WHY not? I think I'm funnier than my idiot friends." What he didn't know was that the open mic was actually in the midst of a stand-up comedy competition... so his first time onstage, he was "competing" when he should have just been "popping his cherry" in the terrible fashion that all comics do. Having two jokes prepared, and not knowing exactly how long 5 minutes actually was, he took the stage, delivered his first joke.. and some people actually laughed! "Hells yeah!" he thought. Second joke time... people chuckle AGAIN! "Awesome!" Then he looks at the owner in the back of the room, who holds up some fingers and lets him know he still has 4 minutes left...

After the initial bomb, he garnered more stage time, confidence, and halfway decent jokes. Kevin and a few of his friends decided to get even more stage time by doing what was popular at the time, forming as a traveling group of comedians in order to tour. The College Comedy Revolution, as they decided to be called, traveled the Midwest, catered to college crowds, and delivered a quality show. Consisting of Johnny Shaw, Scott Singleton, and Kenny Metroff, the Revolution actually became the #1 Comedians on MySpace in Illinois!… back when that was an actual accomplishment.

Kevin moved to Chicago to focus more on his stand-up comedy, and has performed numerous shows at comedy clubs, theaters, casinos, bars, convention halls, & awards banquets... for drunks, skanks, straights, nuns, kids, old folks, country bumpkins, yuppies, and everybody in-between, delivering the laughs on a regular basis.

One year after the very first time Kevin ever walked onstage, he entered that exact same comedy competition in Peoria, IL where he began. Out of the 40 comedians who entered that summer, Kevin ended up winning the whole thing, which is a perfect depiction of his determination, work ethic, and overall love for comedy.  In answer to the classic vaudevillian question of "Will it play in Peoria?"... for Kevin Kinner, it's a resounding "Yes"



Kevin has taken the stage at:

Punchline Comedy Club, Atlanta, GA; Comedy Club on State, Madison, WI; Dr. Grins, Grand Rapids, MI; Zanies, Chicago; Stardome, Birmingham, AL; Carolina Comedy Club, Myrtle Beach, SC; Jacksonville Comedy Club, Jacksonville, FL; Goodnight's, Raleigh, NC; Second Street Comedy Club, Harrisburg, PA; Funny Bone St. Louis/Springfield, IL/Bloomington, IL; Riddles Comedy Club, Alsip, IL; Jukebox Comedy Club, Peoria, IL and many, many more, just ask if you really want to know